Terms and Conditions


When we calculate the pricing over the telephone we apply average room sizes. However we have the right to change the initial quotation in cases when the client changes its initial requirements or when we perform an inspection of the property. The services which are guaranteed The company does not ensure guaranteed services, except from end of tenancy cleaning service. We provide a guarantee of 48 hours for this cleaning procedure and within this period we will send our team to clean again the facility, without charge if the cleaners have not done their work properly.

Payments issues

The payment is made immediately after the completion of the works, except from cases when the company and the customer have made a written agreement for other conditions. The payment is made by cash and the client must deliver the sum before the cleaners leave the premises. In cases when payment is performed by a bank transfer or by card it must be arranged before the day of the cleaning. The company has the right to postpone the arrangement if the card details and bank transfer had not been received on time.


The service can be cancelled by the customers but they must inform the company the previous day before the cleaning without acquiring any cancellation fees. The company has the right to refuse the customers demands if the properties conditions are unacceptable or if there is a risk for the health of the cleaners. We reserve also the right to cancel appointments or reschedule the services in cases of unexpected circumstances or if an accident had happened with someone from our team who is due to perform the cleaning procedure.

Claims terms

Once the cleaning service had been performed the customer is not bound to any refund claims. The cleaning services are said to be due to clients satisfaction except from cases when the company receives a written note with full explanations of the complaint within 24 hours of the services being provided. The company will consider any reasonable complaint and will try to resolve it in order to meet customers requirements or to apply an alternative decision to the problem. Before arranging third party into the problem which had appeared the customer must allow the Company to look and clean again the problematic areas and places. Despite the fact that cleaners aim at not braking any items, sometimes accidents happen. For that purpose the company ensures an identical replacement of the items, however this is not always applicable. We are also not responsible for any damages which had been caused if the furniture is put on the carpet before it had dried out. The company is also not responsible for old stains or spillages on your items and surfaces which would not be cleaned effectively by using the standard cleaning methods. Our team of cleaners will do their best to provide an excellent cleaning which is of a first class quality, however if the appliances have not been cleaned since they were purchased we do not guarantee for the removing of the ingrained dirt. The freezers should be preliminary defrosted because the timescales for defrosting will not enable the team to clean it properly. The collection of the waste is not included in Basic or Professional Gardening services as well. Another thing to take into account is that we cannot guarantee the end of tenancy cleaning service in cases when people and furniture are present at the time of the cleaning.


In the premises where the procedures are performed, the client must provide electricity and running water. If these conditions are not ensured the client is subjected to £60 fee which is non refundable. The client must provide an access to the property at the time of the appointment. If keys are required they should open and close the doors in the standard way without additional efforts. Impossibility to to give an access to the property is as well subjected to a £60 non- refundable fee.

Regular domestic cleaning service

The customers can pay after each visit of the cleaners by cash and when the meeting is arranged by the customer this is charged with £10 so that the travel and time expenses are covered. The cleaning materials, all equipment and detergents are provided by the clients. The arrangements should be made for the same days and time of the week and that is valid for every appointment. There is no possibility to send our team at a time and day different from the scheduled. If the client decides to cancel the appointment it should be done at least 24 hours prior to the cleaning arrangement. If you fail to contact us you will be charged with cancellation fee which is the full cost of the provided service. The minimum service is 3 hours for the fortnight and 2 hours for the weekly service. The customer must provide access to the facility at the time of the appointment. In our company we are used to have the clients provide the cleaning maids with a spare key.

Minimum charges for a number of services. Please pay attention to them

Carpet and upholstery cleaning is charged 48GBP One Off Cleaning is booked for at least 3 hours or 36GBP Gardening is subjected to 50 GBP minimum charge per session As far as discounts and promotions are concerned they are not valid for hourly based services, but for the orders which are above the minimum charge. If due to any unpredictable circumstances the arrangement could not be performed the company would not be kept responsible. This also goes for the obstacles which are non conditional to the assigned cleaning team. Refund and compensation claims are not possible, once the cleaning service is carried out. The bank transfers should be arranged a day before the appointment of the cleaning, however the company reserves their right to cancel the arrangement if problems with bank transfer occur.