Move Out Cleaning London

Move_out_cleaningDomesticCleanLondon provides professional move out cleaning and end of lease cleaning services in London.

Move out cleaning comes as the last step while you are prepared to leave your old rented property and move to some another location. The cleaning services offered by our company includes deep clean and basic clean as well as cleaning the inner parts of the cabinets and refrigerator. If necessary, carpet cleaning is also included.

We guarantee that every area of the property will be attended by our dedicated and efficient cleaners to offer you with the best possible thorough clean. You can trust our cleaners with the job as they will make sure that you receive your full deposit amount back without any sort of inconvenience. If you are a landlord then, you must be well aware of the fact that tenants always prefer properties that are nice cleaned and tidied up without any sort of nasty smell. The move out cleaning services offered by our company includes:


The lime scales are removed from bathroom tiles by our cleaners and the toilet, wash basin, interior windows and bath shower are thoroughly cleaned.

Stairs and Hallways

We put to use latest vacuum cleaning technology which consists of every aspect of hallways and stairs. The professionally trained cleaners from our company will make it a point to clean the skirting boards, light fittings/switches, lampshades, doors, window sills and windows. Apart from that, the cobwebs will also be removed along with emptying and cleaning of rubbish bins.


The different cooking appliances present within the house like extractor fan and hob, cookers, freezer, fridge, microwave, washing machine, dishwasher and soap dispenser are cleaned with minute attention to detail so that you are left with no room for complaint. Apart from all these appliances, there are quite a few other appliances like kettle, toaster, etc which are also cleaned by our efficient cleaners. The sills and interior windows are cleaned using industry standard cleaning solutions along with all work surfaces.

Living Room

Proper vacuuming of the skirting boards is carried out along with deep cleaning of the window sills and interiors of windows. You can rely on our move out cleaning services without any hint of doubt as we have serving customers for a very long period of time and the results have always brought a smile on the faces of our customers. Whatever you desire, our cleaners will put in their best effort to meet your requirements and offer you with a desirable outcome.