South East London

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London Plan has divided Greater London into 5 regions - North, South, East, West and Central. The extent of these areas and their significance in implementation of London Plan were varied in 2008 and in 2011. As result of the amendment in 2008, the area covering Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich, Bromley and Bexley was classified as South East London. Prior to this, there were the 5 sub-regions, which have been restored in the plan post the amendment in 2011.

There are also two different European Parliamentary constituencies by similar name, although those are completely different in their affairs. At the time of its formation in 1979, London South East included Westminster Parliament constituencies of Woolwich West, Woolwich East, Sidcup, Ravensbourne, orpngton, Erith and Crayford, Eltham, Chislehurst, Bexleyheath and Beckenham.

First-past-the-post system was adopted by the United Kingdom for European Elections in Wales, Scotland and England before a uniform proportional representation adoption in 1999. In that system, smaller European Parliament constituencies were used in comparison to later regional constituencies. Besides, they had only one Member of European Parliament for each of them. One of those constituencies was London South East constituency.

In 1983, the constituencies under the United Kingdom Parliament were redrawn and its effect was reflected in alteration of European constituencies. The Westminster constituencies that comprise the new seat are Woolwich, Ravensbourne, Orpington, Old Bexley and Sidcup, Greenwich, Erith and Crayford, Eltham, Chislehurst, Bexleyheath and Beckenham. The same limits were used in both 1984 and 1989 European Parliament election but a minor change was made in the boundaries in 1994.