Upholstery Cleaning London

upholstery_cleaningFirst Class upholstery and sofa cleaning services in London, delivered by experienced steam cleaning technicians.

Cleaning up furniture is nothing short of a mundane task that could rarely be carried out thoroughly, unless you are either a cleaning professional or own the adequate equipment and have time to waste. It is most often an endeavor that meets either an unpleasant, or an uncompleted end. That is why our company has designed services that deliver maximum care and results for your soft furniture and your comfort by optimizing a team of extensively trained individuals that tend to their tasks responsibly and accordingly to their professionalism.

The service of cleaning soft furniture may diverge depending on the kind or kinds of upholstery in question. For example – a reagent that works wonders on leather chairs may completely butcher a couch. The hardest thing about cleaning upholstery furniture is keeping in mind that it is made up of a variety of materials that could react to cleaning products in quite the different manners. That is why, if you decide to hire such a service, at first a professional is sent for in order to analyze the upholstery objects that need be cleaned.

Afterwards we deploy our professional teams fully equipped with all the necessary products, materials and machinery. Our services include the more well-known techniques such as – vacuum cleaning or steam cleaning; to a bit more complicated methods like dry cleaning or using wet shampoo to clean stains, which you may have considered permanent. All in the battle against dust stains and tattered looks of your upholstery.

We offer flexible working hours so that we may best fit in our clients’ schedule. One of the best things about our services is that they can be carried out while the customer is not at home, being disturbed by the sounds of vacuum cleaners and etc. As mentioned before our workers are highly professional and we guarantee a thorough and quick carrying out of the tasks at hand. Everything is done in a couple of hours.

We also offer a variety of other more rudimentary or complex services varying from standard house cleaning services, covering rudimentary tasks like doing dishes, doing laundry, mopping floors etc. to more complex services such as “Deep Cleaning” or “After Builders Cleaning”. All the information you need you can find on our website or simply by calling one of our friendly customer service lines.